Watch live streams matches of table tennis and stay tuned for all the major tournaments such as the World Championships, European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) Cup, the Challenger Series, and much more. You can see your favorite events and players here in live sports tv action:

  • Table Tennis World Championship Live Streams: 2013 is the 52nd edition of this championship, where the greatest players come together and compete for the gold medal. While the tournament is located in Paris, the competition lures in players from across the globe. Watch live streams of your favourite players in the men's and women's singles and/or doubles matches: 
  1. Li Xiaoxia (World's Rank: 2; Career highlights: 2012 Olympic Games winner)
  2. Guo Yue (World's Rank: 5; Career highlights: 2007 World winner)
  3. Zhang Jike (World's Rank: 4; Career highlights: 2012 Olympic Games winner)
  4. Chuang Chih-Yuan (World's Rank: 7; Career highlights: 2002 Pro Tour Grand Finals winner)
  • Table Tennis ETTU Cup Streaming Live: Watch the most popular European ping pong event. See all the elite clubs compete in the men's and women's singles matches. The free live streaming allows you to stay in the action with your favourite teams and players in this enduring tournament. Watch some of these professionals live:
  1. Robert Floras (World's Rank: 180; Career highlights: 2003 World Men's Championship winner)
  2. Christophe Legout (World's Rank: 107; Career highlights: 2013 Pro Tour silver medalist)
  3. Hu Melek (World's Rank: 39; Career highlights: 2013 Mediterranean Games winner)
  4. Viktoria Pavlovich (World's Rank: 15; Career highlights: 2012 European Championship winner)
  • Table Tennis Challenger Series Streams Live: See one of the newest table tennis tournaments this year. The Challenger Series brings in many rookies because of great accommodations. Professionals still become involved in this event because there are weekly tournaments held. Watch live free table tennis streams of all the events that go from Monday through Wednesday. Determine which players will become the future stars of this sport. Some of the best competitors in the Challenger Series are these three:
  1. Liam Pitchford (World's Rank: 133; Career highlights: 2009 British Home Countries Championship winner)
  2. Darius Knight (World's Rank: 296; Career highlights: 3x National Under 21 winner)
  3. Hunor Szocs (World's Rank: 229; Career highlights: 2012 Romania Champion of the Singles)


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