Watch live National Hockey League (NHL) streaming matches of worlds best hockey league. Throughout the season you'll be able to watch a great variety of NHL live matches.
  • NHL Live Stream. Watch live the best NHL teams such as the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins or Chicago Blackhawks fighting for become the Stanley Cup Champions. Could the Blackhawks win for a second year? Is it possible that the two most winners and historical teams, the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, become champions after so many years without a Stanley Cup victory?
  • NHL Sport Streaming Players. Support your favorite NHL team and watch live the best pro NHL players like Aleks Ovechkin (3x NHL Most Valuable Player, 6x NHL First All-Star Team), Sidney Crosby (1x NHL Most Valuable Player, 1x NHL Leading Scorer, 2x NHL First All-Star Team), Jonathan Toews (2x NHL Champion, 1x NHL Finals MVP), or Daniel Sedin (1x NHL Leading Scorer, 1x NHL Most Outstanding Player, 1x NHL First All-Star Team). Give your support while watching their hockey performance live. NHL games are played almost everyday, so you will have quality hockey stream on a regular basis. Watch live the road to the Stanley Cup conquest while watching the player fight for the Hart trophy (MVP).
  • NHL Finals Live. Watch online the best games from NHL regular season, playoffs and NHL Finals Series. The latest NHL Champions were:
  1. 2013 : Chicago Blackhawks (Win Series 4-2 vs Boston Bruins)
  2. 2012 : Los Angeles Kings (Win Series 4-2 vs New Jersey Devils)
  3. 2011 : Boston Bruins (Win Series 4-3 vs Vancouver Canucks)
  4. 2010 : Chicago Blackhawks (Win Series 4-2 vs Philadelphia Flyers)


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