Watch the snooker Indian Open live streams and do not miss out on this new event. See the largest ranking tournament in India for the first time. You can see the live sport streams here instantly: 
  • Snooker Indian Open Free Live Streaming: India will finally be hosting its largest snooker tournament in history. The duration of the event is five days with the greatest players in the world to participate. See all the new and exciting competition in one of the biggest countries in the world. Watch the high-quality live streams of this growing tradition and feel like you are at the Le Meridian Hotel, the place where the fast-paced tournament is held. 
  • Snooker Indian Open Professional Players Streaming Live: If your favourite snooker players are in the top 10, then you have another chance to watch them in the Indian Open. Legendary stars of this sport trained for this event throughout the summer to compete at their best in October. See the greatest live streams cover the next greatest snooker meet today. Some professional players who will be competing: 
  1. Ronnie O' Sullivan (Five-time World Snooker Champion)
  2. Judd Trump (2011 UK Championship Winner)
  3. John Higgins (2012 UK PTC 4 Winner)
  4. Neil Robertson (2010 World Championship Winner)

More notable players to look out for:
  1. Panjak Advani (Eight-time World Champion)
  2. Aditya Mehta (2012 Asian Snooker Champion)
  • Snooker Indian Open High-Action Live Streams: With the entire 128 players involved, you can see 64 of the best gather in India to win first place. The whole prize fund for this electrifying tournament is 300,000 euros, where the winner can earn 50,000 of it. The live snooker streams provide all the coverage you need right in front of you. 


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