Watch live streams of the table tennis Kuwait Open and see the top players participate in these events. See the agility performed by the greats. You can watch the instant live streams here.
  • Table Tennis Kuwait Open Live Streaming: These super series of events bring together many participants and observers from all over the world. 2013's event is only considered Kuwait's seventh year of holding the tournament. Watch this rarity in these high-quality table tennis live streams. See all six of the men's and women's events and experience the best players sweep the competition away. Keep track of all the points earned. Truly feel the rush of the tournament by watching live the Kuwait Open now. 
  • Table Tennis Kuwait Open Singles Live: Watch live streams of both the men's and women's singles, including the men's and women's singles under 21. Stay updated through these sport streams to see the latest upsets in this sport. Observe many of table tennis' greats from around the world paddle for first. Watch Kuwait host these great table tennis players:
  1. Feng Tianwei (2010 ITTF Pro Grand Finals winner)
  2. Ding Ning (2011 World Championships winner)
  3. Zhang Jike (2012 Olympic Games winner)
  4. Ma Long (5x ITTF Pro Tour Tournaments winner)
  • Table Tennis Kuwait Open Doubles Online Streaming: Sometimes teamwork creates unbreakable bonds, sometimes it falls apart too easily. See the most intense event in the Kuwait Open and observe the competitors working in pairs for first place. Determine which players can handle it in these live sport streams. Keep track of these players, listed below, working in the doubles against the toughest players in the world:  
  1. Xu Xin (7x World Tour winner)
  2. Yan An (2008 World Junior Table Tennis Championships winner)
  3. Kasumi Ishikawa (2011 Chile Open winner)
  4. Misaki Morizono (2011 Chile Open Doubles finalist)


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