Watch live streams of the table tennis Qatar Open right in front of you. See the agile competitors move at top speeds, gaining power over the ball. You can watch the live streams here in one click. 
  • Table Tennis Qatar Open Streams Live: Watch this table tennis tournament in one of the most popular locations for the sport. There are plenty of live streams table tennis in order for you to keep track of all your favorite players from around the world. Support your athletes bring their absolute best to the table. All the live sport streaming allows you to stay close to the action for any table tennis match. 
  • Table Tennis Qatar Open Live TV Singles Rounds: Do you thrive on the excitement that the men's and women's singles matches brings you? Watch the best live table tennis streams for the Qatar Open singles matches here. See this year's upsets and other incredible highlights that are worth watching. Here are some exceptional Singles players of the tournament:  
  1. Zhu Yuling (2x World Junior Table Tennis Championships winner)
  2. Liu Shiwen (6x Pro Tour winner) 
  3. Ma Long (5x Pro Tour winner)
  4. Xu Xin (7x World Tour winner)
  • Table Tennis Qatar Open Doubles Matches Live: There are not enough words to describe table tennis doubles rounds. The online live streams are an incredible aide for your sports watching experience, especially for this fast-paced tournament. The intensity is brought up this year by German players against the unbeatable Chinese players. Some players manage to stir the crowd by completely changing the expected outcome. See the results live here. Keep track of the quick pairs make it to the top:  
  1. Zhenqi Barthel (2013 Pro Tour silver medalist)
  2. Shan Xiaona (2013 Pro Tour silver medalist)
  3. Wang Hao (3x World Cup winner)
  4. Yan An (2008 World Junior Table Tennis Championships winner)


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