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European Championships Badminton

European Championships badminton live stream video online free
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Watch European Badminton Championships live stream and follow the action from the best European national team competition.The first European badminton championship was held in Bochum in 1968. Until this year, the competition was held in every two years, but now it will be held annually, except for the year with European Games.

Denmark is the most successful national team with 63 gold, 57 silver and 66 bronze medals, which makes 186 medals in total. The second best national team is England with 45 gold, 34 silver and 52 bronze medals, which makes 131 medals in total. Sweden is the third best national team with 79 medals (12 gold,19 silver, and 48 bronze medals). Other national teams won less than 40 medals in total.

The most successful player is Gillian Gilks, who won two gold medals for England in singles competition, four gold medals in women's doubles and six gold medals in mixed doubles competition. Kamila Martin from Denmark and Cristina Marin from Spain are the most successful players in women's singles, with three gold medals each, while Danish Peter Gade is the most successful player in men's singles competition, with five gold medals.In 2017, English Rajiv Ouseph won the men's singles competition, while Cristina Marin from Spain won the women's singles competition.

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