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Polish Open Badminton

Polish Open Badminton  live stream video online free
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Watch Polish Open badminton live stream and follow the action from one of the oldest badminton tournaments in Eastern Europe.The inaugural tournament was held in 1975 and until 1990 Polish Open was one of the few tournaments held in the Eastern Bloc countries.During the years, the tournaments took place annually, except for 1989 and 2001, when we didn't see any competition.

Domestic players enjoy much success in the tournament. They won the title in every contest, and Przemyslaw Wacha is one of the most successful players here, with three titles in men's singles competition. However, Czech Michal Maly was even more successful, with four titles in men's singles.

In women's singles, Monika Hasens from East Germany dominated during the early years, by conquering first six tournaments, from 1975 to 1980.
In 2017, Tan Jia Wei from Malaysia won the title in men's singles, while Japanese Yui Hashimoto won the title in women's singles competition.

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Polish Open

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