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LOL World Championship 2017 Review

The League of Legends World Championship of the 2016-2017 competitive season is over. With 24 participants and a prize pool of 4,1 million dollars, the competition was truly spectacular.

Worlds 201…

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CS:GO ELEAGUE Clash for Cash LIVE Streaming

CS:GO ELEAGUE Clash for Cash Live Streaming video online free (watch today)
CS:GO ELEAGUE Clash for Cash live Streams

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Watch live CS:GO ELEAGUE Clash for Cash streaming

CS:GO ELEAGUE Clash for Cash was a rematch of the final of the Major Championship, a winner takes it all for the fantastic prize of 250 thousand US dollars!After the Major Championship ELEAGUE final in January, Virtus Pro and Astralis have gone on entirely different roads - the loser fell from grace, while the winner was still in the race for the major prizes in the biggest tournaments.

Clash for Cash was a redemption chance for Virtus Pro, which was defeated in that match in January. As for Astralis, they were confident they could come on top Virtus Pro again. Of course, the biggest motive for both of the teams was the grand prize of 250 thousand US dollars, and they had to beat only one team to win it!

The match was played in best-of-two format. Virtus Pro was much better in Nuke, which was the first map played in the game. They swiftly defeated Astralis by 16:7 and put their arch rivals under immense pressure on the second map. However, the answer was brutal - in Opass Astralis completely outclassed Virtus Pro and won the map by 16:4! Virtus Pro apparently failed to recover from the shock defeat in map two, and Astralis finished them off even easier in the final map. MRG was played, and Astralis celebrated 16:3 victory, which confirmed their dominance over Virtus Pro and earned them 250 thousand US dollars. Virtus Pro will have to change something to return to the top of CS: GO the world, that's for sure!

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