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LOL World Championship 2017 Review

The League of Legends World Championship of the 2016-2017 competitive season is over. With 24 participants and a prize pool of 4,1 million dollars, the competition was truly spectacular.

Worlds 201…

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CS:GO ZEN League Finals LIVE Streaming

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CS:GO ZEN League Finals live Streams

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CS:GO ZEN League Finals was played from June 17 to June 18 at the ESL Studios, Sydney, for the prize pool of 39 thousand Australian dollars. Only the top two teams from Asia and top two teams from Australia took part in this tournament - Recca Esports as top Asian team, MVP PK as Asian number two, Team Immunity as the best team in Australia and Dark Sided, as the second best team from Australia. The best team from each continent played against the second best team from the other continent, and the tournament started from the semifinal phase.

In the semifinals, Asian teams came on top - MVP PK defeated Team Immunity by 2:0, while Recca Esports was better than Dark Sided, also by 2:0. In the lower bracket final, Team Immunity confirmed its domination over Dark Sided and defeated them by 2:0. In the upper bracket final, we saw the same thing in the match between the Asian teams. The number one seed Recca Esports defeated MVP PK by 2:0 and qualified for the grand final. MVP PK was better than Team Immunity by 2:0 for the second time in the tournament, and they got the chance for a rematch against Recca Esports. The grand final was more competitive than the upper bracket final, but the winner stayed the same - Recca Esports won by 2:1.

The winner of the tournament brought home 18 thousand Australian dollars; the runner up got nine thousand Australian dollars, the third team got seven thousand Australian dollars, while the last team on the tournament gained five thousand Australian dollars.

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