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LOL World Championship 2017 Review

The League of Legends World Championship of the 2016-2017 competitive season is over. With 24 participants and a prize pool of 4,1 million dollars, the competition was truly spectacular.

Worlds 201…

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World Cup of Pool

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World Cup of Pool

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The World Cup of Pool is a nine-pool international tournament that is held annually. The format of the tournament is interesting - there are usually 32 doubles, representing 31 nations, while the host nation has two teams, A and B. This is the invitational tournament, so there are no qualifiers. The hosts select the national team which will participate in the competition. Sixteen teams are seeded, and they face unseeded teams in the first round.

The tournament is held annually since 2006, and in the last four years, it was played in England, after the Philippines were the hosts for four years before that.The Philippines are also the most successful nation, with three victories, one second place, and two additional semifinals.

China won two titles, and they had three additional semifinal finishes. England and USA won only one trophy, lost in the finals twice and once they exited the tournament in a semifinal. Finland and Germany had one victory, one defeat in the final and two semifinals. Austria won one title and once they exited the tournament in the semifinal. Netherlands have two finals, Thailand and Poland have one final each, Japan has two semifinals, while Vietnam, Canada, and Korea qualified for the semifinal stage once.

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