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New Zealanda football Championship League live stream football video free online
New Zealand Football Championship STREAMS

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Watch Live New Zealand Stirling Sports Premiership Football Streaming

Check out our live soccer video streams of the New Zealand Football Championships. Officially referred to as the Stirling Sports Premiership, the division serves as the highest football division in New Zealand. Founded in 2004 the league was set up to provide New Zealand football fans with a national league with elite level infrastructure.

Despite only being a semi-professional league, the 10 teams which compete in the New Zealand Football Championships serve up an exciting brand of football each season, with viewers coming in from the Kiwi television company Sky Sport.

The season is split up into two stages, with a regular league season, and a latter season playoff stage. The two teams that win the league phase (the "Minor Premier") and the Grand Final (the "champion") qualify for the OFC Champions League. Should the same team win both the Minor Premiership and the Championship, the second Champions League spot is granted to the league runner-up.

Like the United States elite football division, and the Australian top football division, there is no relegation from the league. Auckland City currently hold the record for most Championships and Premierships, winning eight each since 2004.For all this exciting action from the New Zealand Football Championships stay right here for our free live streams.

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